Self-Portrait   Arizona, Jan. 2014

Self-Portrait  Arizona, Jan. 2014

Bill has been a professional photographer for three decades and has served as the Senior Contract Photographer for NASA Headquarters since 1989.  Bill holds two Bachelor of Art degrees in English and Visual Communications.

Bill has traveled the world photographing missions for NASA.  His assignments have taken him from familiar locations, such as the Kennedy Space Center, to the inside of an active volcano in Alaska; the Oval Office; the inside of a DC-8, flying through a hurricane; the hearing rooms of Capitol Hill, to the brutally cold Kazakh steppes.

Bill’s photographs have appeared on television and in hundreds of magazines, newspapers and books throughout the world, including National Geographic, Newsweek, TIME, The Washington Post, Fortune, People, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times.  Bill is recognized amongst his peers for capturing some of our country’s historic moments including the first launch of a US citizen on a Russian rocket, JFK, Jr’s last visit to the White House, and the burial at sea of Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Bill is only the second photographer ever to receive the prestigious National Space Club, Press Award. The award was first given to legendary broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow.